Writing, Producing, Directing and More.


Peter has written, run and created a variety of games over the years. 

Live Action Roleplaying Games

Several of these games have been run at conventions like Big Bad Con in Northern California, and Intercon in New England.

  • Wrestle-Mageddon – Professional wrestlers must deal with backstage drama while solving the mystery of who has murdered their boss. 
  • A Henchman’s Lament – The lieutenants of a would-be world conquering organization must regroup after a dashing secret agent foiled their latest plan.

Golden Cobra Entries

The Golden Cobra Contest is an annual celebration of freeform live action roleplaying. Peter has written three games for the contest, each a short, self-contained game designed for easy accessibility.

  • 2020 – Now Presenting… 
    • A troupe of performers do surreal, allegorical plays about the events unfolding around them: the plot of another larp.
  • 2019 – What We Leave Behind
    • When a natural disaster is set to destroy their home, a family has an hour to choose what non-essential items to take with them. As they choose each object, a flashback to the past involving that item is played out.
  • 2018 – My Human of Walking
    • A brave group of adventurers have begun an epic quest to defeat the Dread Sorcerer, as related though fireside talks about their adventures. Yet one of them is secretly an intelligent magical weapon puppeteering an unwilling human host. At the end, this information is revealed, leading to conflict.

The World of the Magimundi

Working for LearnLarp LLC, Peter wrote for, and co-directed many of their wizard school-themed games set in a modern day fantasy setting, the Magimundi. He wrote plays, newspapers, textbooks and other ephemera to support the events as well. In addition, he worked on a card game and did work on escape rooms for LearnLarp as well. 

  • New World Magischola – Their flagship event for adults, set at a magical university in North America. 
  • Magischola Prep –  A wizard school-themed summer camp where middle to high school-aged students would spend a week solving mysteries, attending classes and saving the day. 
  • Yule – A light-hearted winter break event where players would portray their student characters on vacation.
  • Imperial Magischola – A more intimate, political event that dealt with themes of privilege and wealth in society. 


Game Card featuring Andrew Miller, a prisoner with a rune engraved on his forehead, wearing a strait jacket.